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 Taj Hosting & Fellowship Society
Rotarians Hosted during 2005-2006 By THFSA
R.I District 5170 International Friendship & Fellowship Exchange Hosted by THFSA from 16-18 Jan 2006 Team Member
Rtn Dick and Pat Carlson
Rtn Leland and Judy Levy
5170 USA Team Leader Rtn Nancy Peters
DG Arlene F. Greenberg Pre Rtn Walter V. Hays Rtn Judith Steiner
DGE Russell L Hobbs Rtn Woody Woodward
R.I District 5080 International Friendship & Fellowship Exchange
Hosted by THFSA from 17-18 Jan 2006
5080 USA & Canada Team Member
DG Sandra K. Roberts
DGE Thomas H Halzon
Rtn Treja Viswanath
Rtn Dirk Boswell & Michelle Lee
  Rtn Jannelle Harvey & Ptaricia Heasler
5330 USA
DG George H. Steele Team Member  
DGE Helene A. Kalfus Rtn Jack Winsten
  Rtn Richard Prill
Team Leader
Pre Rtn Rampur S. Viswanath
It has been a great pleasure to associate with you both as a Rotarian & business. Rotary family works for friendship andcommon good we are truly honored to be with you.
  R.S. Viswanath & Treja Viswanath
This has been a most interesting trip this for .and I have been to many different countries concept of the host family is unique and welcome.
  Jalak. P. Winston
It is such a pleasure to be here .we would love to host you in my home.
  Michelle & Dee Boswell
It's a wonderful country, city and friends thanks.
  Richard Prill
it life long dream has come to be because of your kindness and hospitality in welcoming us into your family .Thank you for everything.
  Janelle Harvey
I am so honored to share this evening with you in Rotary with others Rotarians and your family thank you for your
generosity and glimpse of the real India you are welcome at our place whom you decide to travel to Washington state.
  Ptaricia Heasler
R.I District 5010 International Friendship & Fellowship Exchange Hosted by THFSA from 18-21Jan 2006 Team Member
Rtn Robert Weel
  Rtn Donald Farris
5010 USA Team Leader Rtn Heather Flynn
DG Dennis E. Cook PP Rtn Sue Foley Rtn Diana Strzok
DGE Gayle D Kneppar Rtn Susan Foley
It was pure joy meeting and spending time with you . Thanks so much.  
  Sue F. Foley
Thank you for your generosity hospitality and kindness.  
  Heather Flynn
Thank you for the use of your beautiful home and everything you have done for our group.  
  Bob Weel
We appreciate you opening your home and heart to us. we have been blessed by being here . Thank you Satish
Diane Strzok

PHF PDG Satish Wadhwa
Chief Patron
PHF PP Dr. R. M. Malhotra
PHF PP Er Surinder Bansal

PHF PDG K.C. Tandon PHF PDG Manmohan Singh Saluja
PDG Krish Rajendran D-3220 PDG Suhail Ahmed D-3270
PP Promad Saxena PP Dr. Ranjana Bansal
PP Vishnu Mehra RTN Narendra Malhotra
RTN Dr. V. K. Raj Pal RTN. K. S. Phokela
Dr. M.C. Gupta Dr. Rohit Gupta
Dr. Mukesh chandra  
Dr. Rajeev Upadhayay and many other worthy Rotarians ....

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