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 Taj Hosting & Fellowship Society
GSE Teams & Rotarians Hosted during 2005-2006 By THFSA
R.I District 5050 International Friendship & Fellowship Exchange Hosted by THFSA from 22-23 Jan 2006 Team Member
Andrew Bartels, Mary Brueggeman
Larry Byers, Vicki Byers, Allen Hemmat
5050 USA & Canada Team Leader Ed Petersen, Carol Petersen
DG Harvey R. Jubie  Rtn Larry Byers
DGE Roderick W Thomson
Satish; thank you for your wonderful hospitality and taking into your home and heart. We won't forget you.
  Larry &Vicki Buyer
R.I District 1280 Group Study Exchange with District 3050Hosted by THFSA from 25-26 Jan 2006
1280 UK


DG Graham Southern
DGE J Shirley Gardiner
R. I District 4430 Group Study Exchange with District 3020
Hosted by THFSA from 26-29 Jan 2006
4430 Brazil
DG Ari Sérgio Del-Fiol Módolo
DGE Paulo Eduardo De B Fonseca
Team Leader
Rtn Luciana A.S.L. Pereira


Team Member

Paula Pires
Flavia Ferreira
Janine Gimenis



Vanessa Bastos  
thank you very much you are a special family. We love your hospitality and friendship kisses from Brazil.
  Luceana Lapes Percera
thank you very much for your hospitality. I am very grateful
  Fanine Guemenise
thank you for your kindness thank you for your friendship. I am very happy here best regards
  Piarra Siera Ferriena
it was the best grand final for our trip to stay at your place and visit the Taj Mahal. Thank you so much I won't forget you now youhave one more Brazilian friend .kisses.
thank you very much you are a special family. We love your hospitality and friendship kisses from Brazil.
  Luceana Lapes Percera
thanks very much by your hospitality you are a wonderful family good stay with you
  Vanissa Bastas
R.I District 5180 International Friendship & Fellowship Exchange Hosted by THFSA from 29-30 Jan 2006
5180 USA Team Leader Team Member
DG Jesse D. Harris
DGE Dee Garth Fairbanks
PP Rtn David & Dolly Fiddyment
Diane Fiddyment
Sanar Singh Karki
Thank you for reaching out in rotary friendship to us it have made our visit to Agra and the Taj Mahal, so delightful, and being in your home the everything is very special, we hope your visit to US in California David & Dolly Fiddyment This opportunity to spend time with you is equally special to our visit to the Taj Mahal . pleas let me reciprocate when you are California . Diane Fiddyment Thank you very much for your inviting to your home for dinner and I hope in the future we will work to gather our business thank you again.
  Sonar Singh
R. I. District 5960 Group Study Exchange with District 3240 Hosted by THFSA from 30-1 Feb 2006
5960 USA
DG Leland E. Finholm
DGE Dianne R Nesvig
Team Leader 3240
PDG Jim Coleman
Team Member  
Mary Nielson  
Jeanette Ludwig  
Sarah Grant  
Amazing city and amazing host ,we apricot your kindness and your hospitality.
Sarah Grant
Thank you so, much for your kindness and hospitality I truly enjoyed my stayed in your home and your beautiful city. please come visit US in Uttah. May god bless you you're your family.
  Vasu Mudilar
I have so enjoyed staying with your family your kindness & warmth has truly made me feel at home India will always be near to me infect because of you thank you so much.
  Mary Nelson
I have enjoyed staying here so much I have feel at home and eaten delicious food.Thank you for sharing your culture and national historical treasures with me . India is a wonderful place.
  Jeanette Ludwig
It has been my distinct pleasure to be in your home and be so kindly treated . you have demonstrated genuine love and the goodness of Rotary my stay with you has been my appreciation of and for the people of the earth all god's family , I am very grateful ,may you continue in joys of life as you so unselfishly share and provide for others.
  James D. Coleman
R. I District 5260 International Friendship & Fellowship Exchange Hosted by THFSA from 1-2 Feb 2006
5260 USA
DG Leslie K. Grossman
DGE Prakash Shrivastava
Team Leader 3010  
PP Rtn Janette Crawford  
Team Member
Rtn Jeff Perley  
Pre Ray Kecker PDG Manoharlal Agarawal
Pre Terry Huthinson
Thank you very much. Terrance Hutchinson
Happy amazing we are happy we could share that with you, thank you for every thing
Jeantte Crowford
We are grateful for your hospitality Jeff Porley
Happy 33rd anniversary thank you for your hospitality. Raymond Kaeoka

PHF PDG Satish Wadhwa
Chief Patron
PHF PP Dr. R. M. Malhotra
PHF PP Er Surinder Bansal

PHF PDG K.C. Tandon PHF PDG Manmohan Singh Saluja
PDG Krish Rajendran D-3220 PDG Suhail Ahmed D-3270
PP Promad Saxena PP Dr. Ranjana Bansal
PP Vishnu Mehra RTN Narendra Malhotra
RTN Dr. V. K. Raj Pal RTN. K. S. Phokela
Dr. M.C. Gupta Dr. Rohit Gupta
Dr. Mukesh chandra  
Dr. Rajeev Upadhayay and many other worthy Rotarians ....

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