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Taj Hosting & Fellowship Society


GSE Team & Rotarians Hosted during 2005-2006 By THFSA

R.I District 0000 International Friendship & Fellowship Exchange
Hosted by THFSA from 28 March 2006
Belgium Team Leader
  Rtn Leon Barbier & Micheline Van

7040 Canada

R.I District 7040 International Friendship & Fellowship Exchange
Hosted by THFSA from 1-3 April 2006
DG Gregory A. Campbell
DGE Linda M Bardley
Team Leader Team Member
Rtn Francine Allard Line Biron
Thank you for your fabulous hospitality and the great arrangements you made for us to visit this beautiful region . I hope you will be able to visit our district someday soon.
  Francine Allard
Thank you very much and I will not forget my commitments.
  Line Biron
R.I District 9980 International Friendship & Fellowship Exchange Hosted by THFSA from 13-15 June 2006

9980 New Zealand

  DG Martyn L. Jensen
  DGE David Chasles
PDG Martin Jan Chappell
R.I District 5360 International Friendship & Fellowship Exchange Hosted by THFSA from 17Nov 2006
5360 Canada Team Leader
DG Steven D. Rickard Paul Gustafson & Family
DGE Raju V Paul
Paul Gustafson & Family

Dear Satish;
Greetings from all your friends in District 9780 - Australia.
I too, trust you are well and happy .Your fine memories we have of you & Bina ,and our friends in Agra. One of the truly great mysteries of the human mind is, how our bodies may fail us from time-to-time but our minds retain such fond memories of kindness and love, such as those we of Agra. May I also take this opportunity to wish the Taj Hosting & Fellowship Society continued success with its outstanding hosting and fellowship program. The service of hosting fellowship of the society is appreciated by so many, and is a true display of Rotary fellowship that touches the hearts of those that take part, and the opportunity to leave taking with them such fine memories. Please convey to all our friends in Agra our very best wishes. Judy joins me in best wishes to you and Bina Kind regards,

PDG Ron Pickford (Dist 9780)

Dear Satish
Hosting of visiting Rotarians is one of the finest forms of expressing the unique internationality of Rotary THFS Agra is doing on outstanding job Thank You for mailing a copy of latest news letter I enjoyed reading it may you continue to spread joy and happiness in times to come. Loving friend
  PDG Sam Movva
Dear PDG Satish Wadhwa
I have received the 4th edition of Taj Mahal news letter it is remarkable to see how a motivated Rotarian can perform miracles. Hundreds of international Rotarian whom you had helped during the past 4 years will always remember your warmth, hospitality and care you had taken ti see that the guest are well looked after. I wish you peace and happiness in all yours undertaking. With warm regards Yours in Rotary
  PDG P.V.Purushothaman
Dear PDG Satishji, With kind regards
Thanks For your Hospitality

Rtn Dr. Trev

Dear Rtn PDG Satish,
Thanks the sharing your bulletin Taj Hosting with me, it is a beautiful publication and of course a tremendous effort to improve international relations there is hardly any foreigner or GSE team who does want to go to Agra and will your hospitality I am sure they will all be overwhelmed and happy Great effort kindly accept my heartiest congratulation for such a wonderful project three cheers for your team.

With Rotary regard Yours


PDG Vijay Gopal

My dear PDG Satish Bhai,
Thanks for posting me the bulletin of the Taj Hosting & Fellowship society Congrats for the excellent job being done I am confident that this society with the diversion behind would one day be as popular as Taj Mahal is.With kind regards

 PDG DR. Ravi Bhargav

Dear PDG Satishji,
It was a pleasure reading the 4th edition of News letter of Taj Hosting and Fellowship society Agra. It is your brain child and I am sure that your dream of true internationality of serving our friends from beyond the boarders by hosting them must have given you a great satisfaction. It must be a great pleasure and honour to  Rotarians of Agra.  Let this splendid work go on  and help thousands of visitors to enjoy the true fellowship, warmth and love in a place where monument of love exists. I am happy that  you have brought out  the outcome of the discussions  of "family of Rotary session" at RI Institute, Mumbai of which I was a part.With regards to Binaji and your kind self and all concerned.

PDG Dr. Rajan Deshpande
R.I.District 3170

Rtn Brother Satish Wadhwa ji and Family
Permit me to thank you all for your hospitality and entertain us in India. I have fond a great friend and brotherhood sprit in you .We have reached here safely had a wonderful time with Rotarians brothers in India. Please keep in touch present my special greetings to your wife Bina Ji and to your son Rahul .Thanking you and wishing you the best of health and happiness. Regard

Jag & Lynda Sodhi

Dear Satishji & Bina ji, PDG Udaya Mani Pradhan,
With elegant wishes for a memorablenew year. Sangeeta & daughters
Dear PDG Satish,
Rotary Greetings.
Thank you for forwarding Taj Hosting News Letter. You had wonderful opportunity to host so many Rotary Family Members of the world. It's great service that all of you are rendering and making others proud and a model as you have mentioned Guest is God in our culture. Keep it up. Warm wishes and regards to you, PP Dr. Malhotra and PP Surender Bansal.

PDG Pratap

Dear Satish,
I am in receipt of fourth addition of news letter of THFS, Agra and thank you for the same. Indeed we should develop more fellowship society so that we may impart fragrance of love to more persons , & will not only help us to develop better understanding, share our rich experience and know the new challenge spreading in the various corner of world and work being done to solve it. Endeavor of yours is really appreciable I hope it will inspire other team also to imitate in the matter.

Thanking you


Your’s in ROTARY

PDG Chandra Kumar Sah


PHF PDG Satish Wadhwa
Chief Patron
PHF PP Dr. R. M. Malhotra
PHF PP Er Surinder Bansal

PHF PDG K.C. Tandon PHF PDG Manmohan Singh Saluja
PDG Krish Rajendran D-3220 PDG Suhail Ahmed D-3270
PP Promad Saxena PP Dr. Ranjana Bansal
PP Vishnu Mehra RTN Narendra Malhotra
RTN Dr. V. K. Raj Pal RTN. K. S. Phokela
Dr. M.C. Gupta Dr. Rohit Gupta
Dr. Mukesh chandra  
Dr. Rajeev Upadhayay and many other worthy Rotarians ....

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