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Taj Hosting & Fellowship Society

GSE Team & Rotarians Hosted during 2005-2006 By THFSA
R.I District 5490 Group Study Exchange with District 2980Hosted by THFSA from 31Dec 2005 - 3 Jan 2006
5490 USA Team Member
DG Wilma J. Basnett Emerson Maggie Cashdollar
DGE Marian L Gill Jody Kent 2980
  Debra Jewett
Ryan Winfield
Thank you for making our final days in India so, memorable you are a genius ambassador of Rotary thank you for hosting our team and sharing us such a great time I was honored and humbled your. compassion & generosity.
  Maggie Cashdoller
Thank you very much for opening your home to us and welcome us into your lives for the first few days of our amazing adventure it has truly been a pleasure. Thank you
  Ryan Winfield
The light is this home shines so brightly my love for your people is strong and feel at home thank you.
  Debra Jewett
Satish-Paul Harris would be proud of you you sir embody the true spirit of Rotary and my team and I are richer for it a billon thanks (A mere million not being enough) for your home, your hospitality and most of all your heartfelt advice I will carry it always. Yours in Rotary.
  Mike Gudia
Thank you for an amazing new year for your generosity. we had the opportunity to see the Taj Mahal because of you opening your home to us we will never forget you and your family and will return for to others for years to come. warmly.
  Judy Kent
R.I District 5750 Group Study Exchange with District 3250Hosted by THFSA from 31Dec 2005 - 2 Jan 2006
5750 USA Team Member
DG Ronnie Valdez Andi Bytyqi
DGE Jerry R Burger Maurisa D'Ann Mahan
Olivia Eva Waldkoetter
Team Leader Dr Preeti Mary Joseph
Rtn Dr. Joanne Stafford Rebecca Ann Lange




What a wonderful experience to visit India + the Taj Mahal.

Preeti Joseph

Thank you for assting and ours viewing of the Taj Mahal.

Maurisa D'Ann Mahan

The Taj Mahal was a wonderful finale for our trip to India
Thank you so much for closing out our trip to India. this is an amazing country

Rebecca Lange


R.I District 1980 International Friendship & Fellowship Exchange
Hosted by THFSA from 13-16 Jan 2006

1980 Switzerland

DG Andreas Ludwig
DGE Peter W Ottiger

Team Leader

Pre Rtn Gino & Annemarie Pfister
R.I. District 5220 Friendship Exchange with District 3060 Hosted by THFSA from 8 - 9 Jan 2006

Dist 5220 USA

Rtn Mark & Susan Hall
  DG Mark A OLiver
  DGE Robert L Hobbs
R.I District 9220 International Friendship & Fellowship Exchange Hosted by THFSA from 7-9 Jan 2006

9220 Mauritius

Team Leader

Team Member

DG Alain Madeira Rtn Shateebham(Vishwanee)
& Permal Lingachetti
Sherwyn Lingachetti
DGE Randhir C Ramloll Kaishley Lingachetti
    Samyksha Lingachett
There is no word to describe these two days we spend here with the Wadhwa family we just feel home and it felt very sad leaving. we left home on 28 Dec 2005 and were quite keen to go back until we arrived here .it just feel like we would spend few weeks here. My kids found there grand pa whom I know they will never forget. A big thanks you for these precious moments and to Rahul too love

Vishwanee & Family

R.I District 6310 Group Study Exchange with District 3050Hosted by THFSA from 13 Jan 14 Jan 2006


6310 USA
DG Dalton P. Coe
DGE Willam A Parlberg
Team Leader
Carol Vaughn




Team Member
Michael Jordan
Karen Van Epps
Timothy Alderman
Jeffrey(Jeff) Babin
Jeremy lnman
R.I District 7640 USA International Friendship & Fellowship Exchange
Hosted by THFSA from 13-16 Jan 2006
7640 USA Team Leader
Rtn Scott Louis & Pamela Ann Brown
DG Donald A Guardian PDG Tom Veevers
DGE Allen K Tayler PP Leo Martin Smith & PP Robert James Hunter
Team Member President Gary Knight &Honorary
PP AG Anthony W. Pinto
Rtn David Edgar & Diane Perun Zelley
Rotarian Dorothy Ann Parker
Rtn Robert Wayne & Marion BrownSpence
PP Robert Wahl Downie & Rtn Patricia G. Bourke PP & PAG Audrey Ann Leavitt & PP
Rtn Whitney Elizabeth Maier & Rtn Bonnie F. Natal PHF Mary Ann Schrader
Rtn James Vincent & Rtn Deborah Deanne White Rtn Elliott Jay Paul
  Rtn Ronald E. Mc Mahon
  President Ester & Hargursharan
  Rotaract Member Khatri Nirma Bhawarlal
RI. District 1250 UK International Friendship & Fellowship Exchange
Hosted by THFSA from 16-17Jan 200
Team Leader
Pre Rtn Sharon Morris Dist 1250
3290 DG M Ian Swales
PP Rtn Binod Khaitan DGE David J LanGley


PDG Prabhat K. Rohatgi
What a wonderful place and family thank you so much for sharing it with me and allowing me to stay it has been lovely to meet you all my love.PS. come and visit UK.
  Sharon Morris

PHF PDG Satish Wadhwa
Chief Patron
PHF PP Dr. R. M. Malhotra
PHF PP Er Surinder Bansal

PHF PDG K.C. Tandon PHF PDG Manmohan Singh Saluja
PDG Krish Rajendran D-3220 PDG Suhail Ahmed D-3270
PP Promad Saxena PP Dr. Ranjana Bansal
PP Vishnu Mehra RTN Narendra Malhotra
RTN Dr. V. K. Raj Pal RTN. K. S. Phokela
Dr. M.C. Gupta Dr. Rohit Gupta
Dr. Mukesh chandra  
Dr. Rajeev Upadhayay and many other worthy Rotarians ....

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