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"Fellowship is wonderful; it illuminates life's pathways, spread good cheer, and is worth high price"

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D-3110 Pet & Set 2004 Aligarh

" Please do not hesitate to provide Home Hospitality to International friends to promote the International Friendship "

MPHF. PDG Dr. I.S. Tomer Mayor of Barelly                   
(Member INPPC)                   

" There are two types of people. Those who have seen The Taj Mahal and those who have not".
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My Dear Friends,

Here is a fourth addition of our newsletter in your hand. As you are aware that some senior and prominent Rotarians of Agra who have made the society, are serving the International Rotarians and Friends to promote the International Friendship, one of the goal set by Rotary International. It is always considered in our Indian culture that the “GUEST IS GOD” (Atthithi Devo Bhav). So, our society is serving our International friends in the same spirit and without any personal interest.

This year our society hosted hundreds of Rotarians who came to India for Polio Eradication, Friendship Exchange,
Matching grant partners, G.S.E teams and many other Rotarians from different parts of the world.

As you are aware that, we have very big family of Rotary about 1.25 millions, our society suggests and encourage you also to share or to take part in promoting the International Friendship.

As I was the rapporteur in group discussion session on Family of Rotary at Mumbai Institute 04, in that there were many suggestions made to promote the same.

Some suggestions are as follows: -

To involve the Rotaryanns and the family members.

Districts should celebrate “Rotary Utsav”(Fate) to attract the International friends. 
To promote service initiative Rotary Parivar (Family) concept. To invite International friends on festival days celebrations. 
To invite them to visit the monuments/historical places/cottage industries which are in your cities. 
To arrange the International nights. 
To call International friends in your marriage functions/ parties.
To motivate GSE team members to become Rotarian while reaching back to their homes and promote RI friendship. 

Our society will always be grateful to PRID Ramesh Pai D.3180, PRID Kalyan Banerjee D.3060 and PDG P.V.Purushothaman D.2980 (Former Chairman IPPC) who always inspired and motivated us to start this fellowship society.

We are also thankful to PDG H.D.S. Malhotra ,PP Suresh Bhasin, DGE Ramesh Chander D.3010 , PDG Sam Movva D.3020, PDG Ramesh Khazode, DGE Madhu D.3030,PDG Manoj Desai RRFC (Zone-5 & 6) D.3060, PDG Hemant Arora, PDG Som Ji D.3080,PDG Rajendra Taneja, PDG G.L.Sahini, PDG Dr.Ravi Kant Gupta D.3090, DGE S.K. Agarawal, DGN Chandra Rishi D.3110,PDG Rajan Deshpande, PDG Mahendra Muttha D.3170, PDG Rekha and Rtn Jay Shetty D.3230, DGE R.Dicosta D.3250, PDG Guiller E. Tumangan D.3830, Rtn Geoff & Maureen Schwartz D.5340 (Director International Services), Rtn Jay Meili D.6270 and many other Rotarians for their help, valuable suggestions and kind cooperation because without their “Lending A Hand” it was not possible for the society to promote the International Friendship in Rotary.
Thanks & Regards, 
PHF PDG Satish Wadhwa

PHF PDG Satish Wadhwa
Chief Patron
PHF PP Dr. R. M. Malhotra
PHF PP Er Surinder Bansal

PHF PDG K.C. Tandon PHF PDG Manmohan Singh Saluja
PDG Krish Rajendran D-3220 PDG Suhail Ahmed D-3270
PP Promad Saxena PP Dr. Ranjana Bansal
PP Vishnu Mehra RTN Narendra Malhotra
RTN Dr. V. K. Raj Pal RTN. K. S. Phokela
Dr. M.C. Gupta Dr. Rohit Gupta
Dr. Mukesh chandra  
Dr. Rajeev Upadhayay and many other worthy Rotarians ....

Blessings 2003 - 2004