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Blessings 2003 - 2004            



Team Hosted From 01 Mar 2004 - 02 Mar 2004


                                      Rotarians Hosted by THFS From....

R.I District 7080 Polio Eradication Team With District 3120 + 3110 AGRA India Hosted by THFS
From 1 March 2004 - 2 March 2004


Team Leader
PDG Barry Howie & Mary Jane Howie

PDG Peter Smith & Rtn Emrys Jenkins
PDG Rob Whiteaker & Rtn Jim Johnston
PDG Reid Asselstine & Mary Asselstine
PDG Gary Nolte & Cindy Nolte
PDG Ted Valentine & Shirley Valentine
Rtn Morar Murray-Hayes & Ms Alexandra Hayes
Rtn Judy Lilly & Mrs Michelle Singleton
Rtn Mary Jobb & Rtn Barbara Boles- Davis
Rtn Georgette Taylor & Rtn Margorie Hill
Rtn Eileen Reibling & Rtn Hajra Wilson
Rtn Robert Ryckman & Rtn Frank Morewood
Rtn Joyce Campbell & Ms Jean Templeman
Rtn Maryjane Westra & Rtn Brenda Stuart
Rtn Lawrence Southwick
Rtn Robert Thomson & Mr Christopher McMillan
Rtn Paula Timmins & Rtn Christine Mercer
Rtn JaniceWoynarski & Rtn Karen Stewart
Rtn Ludmilla Dejmek & Rtn Hoda Kayal
Rtn Terry Pook & Rtn Carol Anne Bowers
Rtn Christopher Simon & Rtn Peter Snell
Rtn Barbara Herner & Rtn Margie Atkinson
Rtn Audrey Wipper & Rtn Alice White
Rtn Bruce Mills & Rtn Gary Barnett
Rtn Harry Hope & Helen Hope
Rtn John Nightingale & Jennifer Nightingale
Rtn William Darker & Helenmaria Darker
Rtn David Martindale & Carolyn Martindale
Rtn Fred Durdan & Elizabeth Durdan
Rtn Henry Becker & Christine Becker
Rtn Keith Halpenny
Rtn Bernhard Stallkamp & Marion Stallkamp
Rtn John Race, Rtn Alan Plater
Rtn Sumithra Peeris, Rtn Steven Malo
Rtn David Bradshaw, Rtn Carol Courtney
Rtn Rita Westbrook, Rtn Scott Hebert
Rtn Glenice Hansen, Rtn Sandra Onufryk
Rtn Robert, Jason Charrette & Any Yeatman
Rtn Ellen Anderson, Anne West, Leslie Moore
Rtn Michael Ruge, Elly Ruge & Ms Jess Ruge

"PDG Barry Howie 'Lend A Hand' to
PHF PDG Satish Wadhwa
(Batch Mate 2000 - 2001)
to promote International Friendship
& want that Present/Past RI Officers, Batch Mates should
'Create Awareness & Take Action' to promote International Friendship"

Dear fellow Rotarian,
Please enjoy this gift in appreciation for your beautiful warm hospitality in Agra.I have had a wonderful time in India working with Polio Plus - Terry pook

I am very greatful for this opportunity to come to your Beautiful country and to do our part to make the world free of Polio thank you for making me feel so welcome - Goyee camphee

Dear Satish, family and Rotary friends,
We have been home a week now and are getting back to normal. We went to Bhutan and Jaipur before coming home. We want to thank you most sincerely for our stay in Agra. Your whole group is most friendly, accommodating, generous, and welcoming. It was a wonderful time, especially for Bill and myself as when I had been in India, volunteering in a children's Home north in 1990, we could not get out of Delhi to see the Taj Mahal. It is breath taking to see a building just because of your society which we have only seen in photos until now.
Thanking you,

Maria and Bill Darker,
On Canada

  Memorable Experience! Bruce Willis

Team Hosted From 08 Mar 2004 to 12 Mar 2004


R.I District 5390 Group Study Exchange With District 3110 AGRA India Hosted
Ffrom 8 March 2004 - 12 March 2004


5390 Montana USA

Team Leader
Rtn Kenneth Denning

Team Member
Richard Dews, Dev Van Poolen
Michele Schumann
Kathleen McPherson- Glynn
DGN Chandra Rishi
PHF PDG Satish Wadhwa
DGE S. K. Agarwal

Our visit was wonderful! - Kenneth Dennin
Thank you all family, for kindness, hospitality and guiding to sites. - Richard Dews
Your hospitality has been most enjoyable. We have treated well! - Dev Van Poolen
It was a pleasure staying in your home. Blessings! - Michele Schumann
Thank you, for your kindness! Personal blessings. - Kathleen McPherson- Glynn

DGN Chandra Rishi