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Blessings 2003 - 2004            


Team Hosted From 06 Dec 2003 - 08 Dec 2003


                                       Rotarians Hosted by THFS From......

R.I District 2110 International Friendship Exchange With District 2980 India Hosted by THFS
From 6 December 2003 - 8 December 2003


Dear Satish
My journey in this house of my friend wadhwa was very good & his family was kind lovely with me - Ablruscuto

2110 Italy
Rtn Nataio Salvatore Abbruscato
DG G. Vasikaran
DGE R. Ketharnthan


Team Hosted From 10 Dec 2003 - 12 Dec 2003


R.I District 5150 International Friendship Exchange With District 3110 AGRA India Hosted by THFS
From 10 December 2003 - 12 December 2003

RTN Betty & Dave Pollock

My Dear Satish & Bina ,
It's here no wonderful to share Rotary fellowship with you and to make new friends in our days Lts-in-laws home loud. Thank you for your gracious hospitability. - Rtn Betty & Dave Pollock


Team Hosted From 31 Dec 2003 - 01 Jan 2004


R.I District 9780 Polio Eradication Team With District 3110 AGRA + 3050 JAIPUR India Team Hosted by THFS
Fom 31 December 2003 - 1 January 2004

9780 Australia

Team Leader
PDG Ron & Ann Judy Pickford

Team Member

RTN PP. Geoff Leak
Rtn Geoff & Kate Williams
Rtn Loloma Puls
Rtn Peter Irvin
Rtn Helen Teakle

My Dear Satish & Bina ,
Again, we are home with the wadhwa family. We appreciate their warmth of friendship and gracious. Hospitality With our love and lasting friendship - Ron & Judy Pickford
Thank you for your kind ness.- Peter Kvin
Our first home hosting lovely warm welcome - Geoff Williams
Thankyou all for such a wonderful New years Eve celebration - Helen Teakle
Thank you for welcoming us to your home - Kate Williams

Dear Satish & Wadhwa Family,
It is wonderful to have a large rotary family in times of need. The whole trip to India was a wonderful experience. It was a great opportunity to experience and gain an understanding of the Indian culture. By living with families one gains a real insight into everyday life in a country .I hope that I may be able to return your kind hospitality when you come to Australia soon

Yours in Rotary     

Dear Satish
Thank you so much for your hospitality . It was wonderful that you could accommodate all 8 of us in your home. Perhaps one day you and your family will visit us

Yours sincerely  
Loloma Puls