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Blessings 2003 - 2004            



Team Hosted From 06 Jan 2004 - 08 Jan 2004


                                     Rotarians Hosted by THFS From......

R.I District 5770 Group Study Exchange With District 3120 India Hosted by THFS
rom 6 January 2004 - 8 January 2004


5770 USA Oklahoma

Team Leader
RTN Jag Sodhi

Team Member
Richard McDaniel, Kendra Panther
Bill Garner, Teresa Collado

DG Govind Prasad Lathi
DGE Hari Mohan Sah

My Dear Satish & Bina ,
Great host best of luck. Thanks - Jag Sodhi
You have been wonderful. Thank you so much - Richard Madaniel
Thank you for your wonderful hospitality. Our stay was bloosing - Kendra Panther
God bless you for your warm and gracious hospitality. Thank you for opening your home to GSE - Bill Garner
You have touched my heart. Thank you for - Teresa Collado


Team Hosted From 06 Jan 2004 - 08 Jan 2004


R.I District 9940 International Friendship Exchange With District 3040 + 3110 AGRA India Hosted by THFS
From 6 January 2004 - 8 January 2004


9940 New Zealand
PDG John Cole & Mark Cole
DG Naresh Chand Jain
DGE S. Lathi

Dear Satish, Family & Rotarians,
Your kindness friendship will be remember for ever - PDG John Cole


Team Hosted From 07 Jan 2004 - 08 Jan 2004


R.I District 6490 International Friendship & Fellowship Exchange With District 3040 India Team Hosted by THFS
From 7 January 2004 - 8 January 2004


6490 USA

Team Leader
RTN PP Surinder Sethi

Team Member
RTN Bob & Karla Weldon, RTN Susan Yargus & Robert Irlbacker
RTN Paul & Noeli Anderson

DG Naresh Chand Jain
DGE S. Lathi

Dear Rotarians,
It was great visiting your city and the wonder therein. Thank you for your hospitality. We appreciate it. Paul and I have great memories of India. When you visit the US again and would like to see the Corn Belt of the USA, let us know, we live right on it, our home is always open for friends, Thanks again.

-Paul and Noeli Anderson. 
(Members of the friendship/Fellowship Team, Jan. 04). 

Dear Fellow Rotarian Satish,
Our Fellowship/Friendship exchange was great. Paul and I want to thank you ,your family & Agra Rotarians for the hospitality. We can say we saw the REAL INDIA and not just what the tourist see. Thank for hospitality and friendship .I will always remember this experience

Your's in Rotary, 
Noeli and Paul Anderson.  

God bless rotary for bringing us together. May our new friendship last a life time - Susan Yargus

Thanks for inviting us to your home to most others - Bob and Karla

Dear Satish,
We are home safe but we are still tired! Thanks you for your hospitality. The gifts you gave us. We enjoyed ,stayed in Agra. It is an amazing place. Ray has been telling me for 40 years how wonderful India is, I was glad to be able to experience it myself. Our trip to Delhi was fine and we enjoyed traveling there also. The first four days of our trip were Rotarians projects and finally at the Taj Mahal & Delhi.
We were “ tourists”. We look forward to seeing you in USA - Rtn Corel & Ray