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Appreciation 2002 - 2003       



Team Hosted From 11 Mar 2003 - 12 Mar 2003


                                       Rotarians Hosted by THFS From......

R.I District 5390 Group Study Exchange With District 3100 India Team Hosted
11 March 2003 - 12 March 2003


Team Leader
PDG Clara S Gillard

Team Member
Katherine Jones, Twila Brenneman, Bradley J Oen, Alan Dolezal


DG Akhilesh Saran Kothiwal
DGE B.S. Mathur
Rtn Sandeep Mehrotra

Dear RTN Wadhwa,
Please accept my congratulations for the unique service designed by you in the name of Taj Hosting and fellowship. Believe me only a true sincere and dedicated Rotarian like you could have conceived the idea of designing this wonderful society and there after giving it true meaning by nurturing it so personally that I do not have words to praise you.
My family joins me in conveying regards to you, Aunty your son young and dedicated RTN Rahul and your daughter believe me for me it was a moment of pride to meet a true Rotarian like you and your son Rahul who along with family extended so much care and hospitality to the visiting team from Montana USA and my family, the visiting GSE team have all the very best regards for you as conveyed to me while returning from AGRA which I am passing on to you. Please also accept my very best regards.
With all the very best wishes and warm regards.

Team Hosted From 12 Mar 2003 - 14 Mar 2003


R.I District 6270 Group Study Exchange With District 3190 India Hosted
12 March 2003 - 14 March 2003

6270 USA Milwaukee
Team Leader
Rtn Jay E. Meili

Team Member
Camp Heartland, Sara Jeanne Daleiden, Cuauhtemoc Rodriguez, Elizabeth Tobolt,
GSE Co-Chairman, Erik Moeser

Our friend Stish & Rotarian Of Agra, Many Thanks for your hospitality.
G.S.E. Team Dist 6270

DGM P.M. Bhansali
DGE K.N. Prabhashankar
GSE Chair Rtn Kittu

Team Hosted From 16 Mar 2003 - 18 Mar 2003


R.I District 1730 Group Study Exchange With District 3080 India Team Hosted
16 March 2003 - 18 March 2003

1730 France

Team Leader
Rtn Friedrich Haffner

Team Member
Alexandre Tomasini, Arnaud Villeroy, Nicolas Adellan, Ms Emanuela Rubino

PRIP Rajindra Saboo
DG Hemant Arora
DGE Kawal Bedi
GSE Chair Rtn Madhukar Malhotra

Dear Rotarian Satish ,
My GSE-team is safely back in France. Thank you again for all nice welcome in your home and all your help for our visit.
Greetings from Friedrich