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Blessings 2003 - 2004            



Team Hosted From 20 Feb 2004 - 23 Feb 2004


                                       Rotarians Hosted by THFS From.....

R.I District 9470 Polio Eradication Team Interact With District 3110 India Hosted by THFS
From 20 February 2004 - 23 February2004

9470 Perth Australia

Team Leader
PDG Ian Wright
(Chairman RAWCS Western Region)
(Chairman ROMAC Western Region)
and Ann Margie Wright

Team Member
RTN Ian & Clare Kathleen Johnston
RTN John & Rosamond Roberts
RTN Margaret Ann & Cecil Vernon Phipps
RTN Sandra Burdon Barnes
RTN Barry Douglas Rumens

Dear Satish, Bina and Dolly,
Now that everyone has returned home safely and the excitement of what for the most was their first visit to India is beginning to be overtaken by returning to work, I some what belatedly am writing to you to express our eartfelt thanks for every thing you did to make our trip such an unforgettable experience. The visit to Delhi, Bharatpur, Fatehpur Sikri and of course Agra the Taj and Fort were highlights of a unique few days for all 14 of us. Our only regret was that we were unable to spend more time with the children at the Polio booths. The dedication of the Agra Rotarians we met was reassuring and we are confident that Polio will be banished forever from India in the very near future.Your hospitality was wonderful and the 8 of us you welcomed into your home thoroughly enjoyed our stay there. We are sending you a copy of our report to the District Governor printed in his newsletter by mail, you should receive it in the next week or two. And of course you are welcome in our homes anytime should you visit western Australia.

Love to all and best wishes, 
PDG Ian & Margie  

Dear Satish,
We have just return from our travels in India and Nepal, and we wanted to thank you, and the other Rotarians involve with making our trip to Agra so enjoyable. The National Immunization Day was very interesting for Roger and I and we both appreciate how difficult a job it is, try to rid India of Polio. We feel you are all doing exemplary work and our prayers are with you and people of your for the future. It was interesting for me to return to India after thirty years and I have seen many changes. Our country by car to Corbett was fascinating and one of the most interesting we have ever undertaken. Please pass in our sincere thanks to the very kind Rotarians who hosted us while we were in Agra. We wished we could have thanked them personally, but may be some day we can return the hospitality. With very best wishes to yourself and to your lovely daughter.

Kind regards, 
Roger and Mary 


Team Hosted From 24 Feb 2004 - 29 Feb 2004


R.I District 1020, 1260 Polio Eradication Team Interact With District 3060 India Hosted by THFS
From 24 February 2004 - 29 February 2004

1020 Scottish, 1260 England U.K

Team Leader
PDG Leslie & May Robertson

Team Members
PDG. Maurice & Anne Graham Halliday (D.1020)
RTN. Pre. Kim Cheryl Corkhill
RTN. Pre. Roger & Barbara Mary Philpott
Rtn. Pre. Michael Gilbert & Heather Margaret Brewell
Rtn. John Francis & Susan Mary Fell
Rtn. Gilbert Edward & PP.June Ann Green
Rtn. Francis Keith & Lilian Janet Frances Hammond

RTN. Kim Theresa Pembroke
Rtn. Kathryn Adams
Rtn. Haydn John & Christine Ann Sinfield
Rtn. Mildred Anne Crichton Skelton
Rtn. Peter Clive & Rona Margaret Wakefield
Rtn. John David & Denise Katherine Wellham
PDG Prafull Bhatt
DG Kulbandhu Sharma
DGE Dr. Ashok Kapadia


Many thanks for all your kindness and hospitality, which we will remember for a long time. - Rtn Leslie & May
Thank you, for all your help, lovely sights and experiences! - Rtn Milhi Shelvon
Thanks you for looking after us in Agra - Rtn Kant Adam
Thanking you for looking after us. - Rtn Roger & Bobs
Thanking you for looking after us. - Rtn Michel & Heather Brewell
Thanking you for looking after us. - Rtn Bryan & Annie Hall
Many thanks for your kindness & hospitality - Rtn Haden & Linda Sirfield
Thanks you for all your hospitality. - Rtn Rona & Peter