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Blessings 2003 - 2004            



Team Hosted From 30 Jan 2004 - 31 Jan 2004


                             Rotarians Hosted by THFS From......

R.I District 5060 International Friendship & Fellowship Exchange with District 3110
AGRA India Hosted by THFS

From 30 January 2004 - 31 January 2004

5060 Canada

Team Leader
RTN Murli Pendharkar

Team Member
RTN Mr & Mrs Andy Griffith, RTN Mr & Mrs Bill Boyd
RTN Mr & Mrs David Chase, RTN Mr. Jeff Harte
3110 UP AGRA INDIA, PHF PDG Satish Wadhwa

Dear Satishji,
On behalf of all of us, I want to thank you and your wife for home hosting us, In our short stay, we came to know that you have very many contacts in the community and that you are well recognized for your social work in the community. That certainly speaks well for the work you and other Rotarians do in Agra.

Yours sincerely,
Murli Pendharkar

Yours kind hospitality unique a courage the remembered .We will passion many thanks - David & Rena
Thank you for your kind hospitality - Bill and Vienna Boyd
Your help and hospitality is out standing .Thank you very much - Andy and Louisie Graffin

Your dedication Sincerity are examples rarely seen Thank you for hosting our group. We learned a great deal from this fellowship experience We hope we can reciprocate one day. Let's keep in touch on future exchanged- Murli Perdharkar


Team Hosted on 06 Feb 2004


R.I District 6450 Group Study Exchange With District 3150 India Hosted by THFS
on 6 February 2004

6450 USA Illinios

Team Leader
RTN Guy Groot

Team Member
Jacqueline Berger, Yolanda Cursach
Michael Hoadley, Jill Paider
Michele Steele
DG Jas Giri
DGE Jashti Ranga Rao

Team Hosted on 09 Feb 2004


International Friendship Exchange to India Hosted by THFS
on 09 February 2004

RTN Eric & Mercedes Brel
Hospitality is just not a simple mood, we have been received on this house as old friends. - RTN. Eric & Mercedes Brel

A perfect end to a wonderful GSE Rotary trip to India - Jac and Veline Berger
Wonder Items GSE Rotary trip to India - Michele
Thank you for hosting us - Jil Paider



Team Hosted From 14 Feb 2004 - 22 Feb 2004


R.I District 5000 Polio Eradication Team Interact With District 3110 AGRA + 3140 India Team Hosted by THFS
From 14 February 2004 - 16 February 2004


5000 Hawaii USA

Team Leader
RTN Harold & Lie Darcey

Team Member
RTN Albert & Patricia Ficker
RTN John & Laura Steelquist
RTN Mrs Donald George &
Susan Wilson

RTN Martin & Carole Kahn
RTN Neva May Olson
RTN Matgaret Faunce
RTN Walter W. Killough
RTN Frances M. Wiebenga
RTN Pamela Varma- Brown
RTN Valerie Jane Parker
RTN Ross Michael Rolirad
RTN Fritz Mc Kenzie

Thank you so much for hosting us in your fascinating city. Taj Mahal was magnificence of course but your Warmth out shore its beauty.


- John & Laura Steelquist

Thank you, for an incredible, unforgettable experience in Agra! Best wishes in the future & thanks for your very gracious hospitality!


- Don & Sue Hilson Mahalo

(Thank you) for your hospitality- it has made my first trip to India a wonderful Experience!


-Ross Rolirao

Aloha & Mahalo for your warm hospitality. We are so impressed with India- Its sights, its people, its Aloha. Please come and allow us to host you on our beautiful Kauai ,/p>


- Ualene Parker    

Thank you so much for all your hospitality. It's been wonderful to meet you and to explore your beautiful & exotic country! Aloha!


 - Pamela Varma-Brown

Thank you so much for your warm hospitality. We enjoyed meeting your family & seeing your country.Come visit us in Hawaii.


- PDG AL & Patty Ficker

Mahalo for your gracious hospitality! We have very much appreciated your lovely city, and the magnificent Taj Mahal. Aloha! Nuihoa to your Rotary.



- Neva Olson

Mahalo! Agra & the People have been most gracious. We tour your country India! Aloha to your country


                      - Martin & Carole kaha

Have felt warmly welcome & gracious hosted in Satish's home. Many thank for making our first visit to India memorable


                         - George & Ritty Smith

What a lovely, gracious hospitality we had. We enjoyed Dolly & Boo boom and all the adventures and sweets. Thank you so much!


- Bruu & Mary Bapdu (Spchain)

Great support and opportunity to meet you. - Walter Killoughi