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Appreciation 2002 - 2003       



Team Hosted From 05 Feb 2002 - 07 Feb 2002


                                     Rotarians Hosted by THFS From......

R.I District 9780 Polio Eradication Team Interact with District 3110 India
Team Hosted from 5 Feb 2002 - 7 Feb 2002

9780 , 9800 Australia

Team Leader
PDG Ron & Ann Judy Pickford

Team Member
DG Pat & Ric Robertson, PDG Eddie & Val. Loughnan PDG John & Judy. Reddish, RTN John & Birgit. Brown RTN Max & Maxine. Davies, RTN Rod & Jennifer Monaghan RTN Wayne Barrett, RTN Steve Ellis, RTN Alan Gay, RTN Ian Moyle, RTN Jennifer Kelly.

05 Feb 02 - 07 Feb 03
30 Nov 03 - 02 Dec 03
01 Jan 03 - 02 Jan 03
16 Jan 03 - 18 Jan 03
31 Jan 03 - 02 Feb 03
03 Feb 03 - 05 Feb 03
05 Feb 03 - 07 Feb 03
11 Feb 03 - 13 Feb 03
10 Mar 03 - 11 Mar 03
11 Mar 03 - 12 Mar 03
12 Mar 03 - 14 Mar 03
16 Mar 03 - 18 Mar 03

Satish wadhwa
Manmohan Singh Saluja

Vinod Bhatia
Ajay Kala
Arun Prakash Gupta
Dear Satish & Wadhwa family ,
Thank you for your kind hospitality and an enjoyable time in Agra. Once again, thank you for all the kindness shown to our group during our India visit. We all have memories that will last a life time.
Memories forever!
  Yours Rotary Service
RTN Jennifer Kelly

Dear Satish & Rahul ,
Please accept you my heart felt appreciation for all you did for the team. All team members have expressed their thanks for a most wonderfull trip and experience. I am sure they will all talk about this particular trip for many years to come. I really do not how to say thank you, because of the way everything went together so well. Once again please allow me to express my sincere thanks for they way your honoured me and the team. I am humbled by the generious of all our hosting Rotarian friends.
  Best wishes and kind regards
PDG Ron Pickford

Dear Satish & Bina ,
I wrote to thank you once again for the great lengths to which you went to make our trip to india such a successful and memorable event. It was great to have Rahul join us again in Mumbai, to conduct us around the sight and finally see all safely on the plane out of India. With thanks once again for all that you, Bina, Sachin and Rahul did for us.
  Yours in Rotary Friendship,
PDG Eddie and Van

Dear Satish,
Thanks for your hospitality while we were in Agra.
  Regards PDG Judy Reddish

Dear Rahul ,
Many thanks. We also thank you and for all the very good arrangements you made on our behalf wich made the visit to your country very enjoyable and interesting. Your mother and father's hospitality and kindness to all of us was also very much appreciated and we have many wonderful memories of India and the People we met.
  With kind regards to your family and yourself,
from Maxine and Max Davies,
Naracoorte, South Australia

Team Hosted From 30 Nov 2002 - 02 Dec 2002


R.I District 5170 Interact Study Exchange with District 3060 India Team Hosted
30 Nov 2002 - 02 Dec 2002

5170 USA, CA

Team Leader
Rtn Rich Bennett

Team Member
Andnea Castro, Sara Tiffany, Erin Osiecki, Jeff Bennett.

PDG Prafull Bhatt
DG Jatin Bhatt
DGE KulBhandhu
DGN Dr. Ashok